About Me

I'm a fine art portrait photographer living in Crested Butte, Colorado. Up in the high country, I have my own commercial studio for local portrait sessions in CB. I also shoot in Boulder, CO using a beautiful studio space in NOBO.

I feel blessed to call the mountains home and fully embrace the outdoor lifestyle! Capturing images has been a passion of mine since developing darkroom prints in my teens. I studied film and photography in college and honestly can't help myself from picking up a camera to this day. The natural landscape of the Colorado high country is a stunning inspiration for my creative work!

RAnDom Facts!

  • I'm a licensed commercial yacht captain having experienced the beauty of the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Carribean.
  • I LOVE to travel (see above) and am a self admitted foodie (though I'll try anything and certainly not a picky eater)
  • I've raced all 3 disciplines (AT skiing, ultra running and mountain biking) for the 40+ mile Elk Mountain Grand Traverse which bridges Crested Butte to Aspen for an incredible backcountry adventure, full of physical & mental challenge.
  • I'm a lifelong aviation geek, having an obsession with flying since I was little boy. I've previously built hours towards my private license to the solo phase. I hope to continue this pursuit in the near future!

When I'm not behind the camera....